New at Ag Alumni Seed

Periodically we’ll be posting updates here on what’s happening at Ag Alumni Seed.  Watch this space!

Part of the Ag Alumni Seed Team in the field

Hi from Romney, Indiana!

After an unreasonably cool, wet spring and summer, temperatures have been in the upper 80s just in time for harvest!

We've been busy harvesting.  You can check out some videos of the progress here.


While the corn was busy growing this summer, we completed a few projects on our list in order to continue growing our operation and provide the level of quality you expect from Ag Alumni Seed. 


We’ve replaced our original seed house with a modern, temperature and humidity controlled seed storage area.


The original seed house also housed our research conditioning area, so we replaced it with a modern conditioning building to continue bringing you consistent, reliable data and the research that produces the hybrids of tomorrow.


In another addition to our research capabilities, we worked with PhenoKey to develop a popcorn mushroom phenotyping machine. This uses machine vision to automatically classify a sample of popcorn flakes as mushroom or butterfly. It dramatically improves the accuracy of mushroom evaluations while saving time and labor. PhenoKey is making this machine available to the entire industry.

Picture source and more information about the Phenokey machine can be found here.


We upgraded our dust collection system to greatly improve air filtration for the safety of our crew.


We improved our loading dock for safe operation and efficient loading into today’s larger trucks

We’ll be busy getting your seed and trial information prepared over the next few months.  Until that time comes, you can see our most recent hybrid test data here.

In addition to your favorites we have several newer hybrids:

  • AP2505 – Early, very high yielding and mid-level expansion.
  • AP4511 – A mid-season, very high yielding hybrid with large kernel and good expansion. A great all-purpose hybrid.
  • AP6005 – A full season large kernel hybrid with high yields and mid-level expansion.
  • AP4512 – A midseason hybrid with high expansion and tender, delicious flakes.
  • AP6010M – A full season, very high yielding mushroom with a high percentage of ball type flakes.

 We also have testing quantities of two brand new hybrids for you to look at:

  • AP2507 – An early hybrid with very good plant health, expansion similar to AP2504 and improved yields.
  • AP4001 – An early/mid-season hybrid with high yield, good plant health and strong stalk qualities.

 Call, email or text Jane or Aaron for test quantities or next season's seed order today!