New at Ag Alumni Seed


Periodically we’ll be posting updates here on what’s happening at Ag Alumni Seed.  Watch this space!

Hi from Romney, Indiana!

With sunny days upon us, we're eager to get started planting.

Testing for expansion on our new hybrids is still underway.


You can find the data we collected from the 2018 growing season here.

 Our popcorn seed is being custom treated and bagged in our warehouse per your specifications.

 In addition to your favorites we have several newer hybrids:

  • AP2505 – Early, very high yielding and mid-level expansion.
  • AP4511 – A mid-season, very high yielding hybrid with large kernel and good expansion. A great all-purpose hybrid.
  • AP6005 – A full season large kernel hybrid with high yields and mid-level expansion.
  • AP4512 – A midseason hybrid with high expansion and tender, delicious flakes.
  • AP6010M – A full season, very high yielding mushroom with a high percentage of ball type flakes.

 We also have testing quantities of three brand new hybrids for you to look at:

  • AP2508 – Large kernel AP2504 type hybrid with improved expansion of 2cc/g on average.
  • AP4001 – An early/mid-season hybrid with high yield, good plant health and strong stalk qualities.
  • AP8204 – A new AP8202 type hybrid. Data shows an average of 10% higher yield and 1 point higher expansion.

 Call, email or text Aaron for test quantities or your seed order today!