We have several newer hybrids

In addition to your favorites we have several newer hybrids:

  • AP2207 – A very large kernel, early season butterfly hybrid. 47-48 cc/g  TRIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE NOW.
  • AP2208 – A short season butterfly hybrid. 46-48 cc/g  TRIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE IN 2025. 
  • AP4003 – A new large kernel, mid-season butterfly hybrid. 41-43 cc/g  COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE NOW.
  • AP4005 – A very large kernel, mid-season butterfly hybrid. 46-47 cc/g  TRIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE NOW.
  • AP4006 – A medium size kernel, mid-season butterfly hybrid.  45-47 cc/g.  TRIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE IN 2025.
  • AP4416 – A large kernel, mid-season maturity butterfly hybrid. 44-46 cc/g.  TRIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE NOW.
  • AP4515 – A large kernel, high yield, high expansion, mid-season maturity hybrid.  47-50 cc/g  COMMERCIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE NOW.
  • AP6012 – A large kernel, full-season maturity butterfly hybrid. 42-44 cc/g.  TRIAL QUANTITIES AVAILABLE IN 2025.