We have several newer hybrids

In addition to your favorites we have several newer hybrids:

  • AP2509 – Trial quantities available.
  • AP2510 – Early large kernel hybrid with AP2505 maturity with high yield and 45-66cc/g expansion.
  • AP2511 – A new early season large kernel hybrid. Expansion at 45-47cc/g with yield advantage over AP2508.
  • AP6008 – A new very large kernel butterfly hybrid with large jumbo flake and high yield.
  • AP6009 – A new full season, large kernel yellow hybrid with AP8204 yield performance and modest (~1cc/g) improvement in expansion. Medium height, low ear, and good eye appeal. 44-46cc/g.
  • AP8207 – A new full season, medium-tall yellow hybrid with high yield and AP8204 expansion. Good husk coverage and a noted tendency to double ear under good production conditions. 44-45cc/g.