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From the ground-breaking work of Dr. Bruce Ashman to the advances in performance that have occurred over the past thirty-three years under the direction of Dr. Max Robbins, Ag Alumni Seed's Director of Research, to the research underway by Dr. Fernando Enrique Cardenas, Dr. Michael Stein and our Popcorn Breeding team, Ag Alumni Seed has established itself as the world's leading supplier of high performing, high quality popcorn hybrids that provide the different combinations of regional adaptation, maturity, disease resistance, yield, kernel size and popping expansion and other characteristics that the industry demands.

We Are

Ag Alumni Seed

Most of our seed is produced by our own highly experienced professional staff at our 2,600-acre facility near Romney, Indiana in the heart of the US Corn Belt. By producing our own seed, we ensure that we are growing and delivering the highest quality products possible. All of our seed lots are inspected, tested and certified to AOSCA (and as required ISTA) standards by an independent, ISO certified and USDA accredited agency. All popcorn seed lots have GMO free certification.

Funding for Purdue's new Controlled Environment Facility

Ag Alumni Seed is Ag Alumni Seed is proud to be able to help fund Purdue University's new Controlled Environment Phenotyping Facility.

Pollination is coming to an end and we're watching the corn dry

You can find the data we collected from the 2020 growing season here.