New at Ag Alumni Seed

Periodically we’ll be posting updates here on what’s happening at Ag Alumni Seed.  Watch this space!

Part of the Ag Alumni Seed Team in the field

As we move from summer 2016 into harvest it’s time for another update!

In late August Ag Alumni Seed was proud to participate in the dedication of the brand new Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center at Purdue University, a state of the art center that supports field phenotyping and especially development of phenotyping technologies. We, at Ag Alumni Seed, were proud to be able to donate $500,000 in initial funding to support the construction of this facility.

More important than the building, is the work that is already going on in it and on the adjacent Purdue Agronomy Center for Research and Education, a 1,200 acre facility in West Lafayette. Researchers from the Purdue College of Engineering and the Purdue School of Aeronautics and Astronautics are already collaborating with researchers from the College of Agriculture on the development of new near and remote sensing technology using hand held sensors, phenomobiles (pictured below) and drones (pictured below) that will directly support breeding innovations in corn, soybeans and other crops.

Phenomobile sensor platform for near crop/in row sensing

Drone platform for remote sensing

In conjunction with this facility, Ag Alumni Seed is also participating on the Purdue Phenomics Advisory Board and in the formation of the North American Plant Phenotyping Network, an organization of public and private entities working on advancing phenomics technology.

Closer to home we continue to invest in our own research efforts. As air popping becomes more important to the popcorn industry we have added an air popper, affectionately named "Poppi" (pictured below), to the battery of test equipment that we use to evaluate new hybrids.

“Poppi” the air popper

And in order to make sure we have the best possible popcorn trials to feed Poppi, we bought a new GPS guided and tripped SRES plot planter (pictured below). It’s built on Monosem units and really does a superb job of getting us off to uniform stands on precisely laid out plots.

New plot planter

As part of our continuous program of upgrading and modernizing equipment, we brought a new Oxbo corn picker (pictured below) on line this season. With improved field cleaning and ear handling technology, it is helping to keep our quality top notch.

New Oxbow 8430 picker (points to anyone who notices that we kept our old Byron head)

As I write this, our trials look good this year. If you have time, come visit!

2016 Demonstration Plot

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