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About Ag Alumni Seed - Who We Are and What We Do

Over 75 Years of Service

Ag Alumni Seed is celebrating over 75 years of service for our customers!

Who We Are

, President & CEO
, Sales Manager
, Director of Research and Testing

The Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association is a non-profit corporation founded in 1938. We are dedicated to providing top quality seed stock to seedsmen throughout the world.

Fayte Brewer Max Robbins
Jay Hulbert
President & CEO
Dr. Max Robbins
Director-Research and Testing
Jane Lewis Bruce Ashman
Jane Lewis
Sales Manager
Dr. Bruce Ashman
Research Consultant

What We Do

Ag Alumni Seed has worked hard to gain its leadership position in the development and release of high performance popcorn hybrids. With this position comes the responsibility to put all our available resources to work in the continuation of the work that's made us what we are today. From the ground-breaking work of Dr. Bruce Ashman, who continues to be a member of the Ag Alumni Seed research staff, to the advances in performance that have occurred over the past nineteen years under the direction of Dr. Max Robbins, Ag Alumni Seed's Director of Research, Ag Alumni Seed has established itself as the world's largest supplier of high performing, high quality popcorn hybrids.

Parent Seed Stocks
  • Soft Red Winter Wheat
  • Oats
Private Label Licensing Program
  • Soft Red Winter Wheats
  • Spring Oats
Hybrid Popcorn Seed
  • Superior Popcorn Genetics
Research and Testing
  • Popcorn Research
  • Soft Red Winter Wheat Testing
Contract Seed Production/Conditioning
  • Hybrid Seed Corn
  • Soft Red Winter Wheat
  • Parent Seed Production
  • Modified Starch Hybrids

If you have any questions or if we can help with your seed needs, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc.
PO Box 158
Romney, Indiana 47981

Voice: 1-800-822-7134 or 765-538-3145
FAX: 765-538-3600

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